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A Century of Food in Waltham Forest

As part of the Explore Your Archive weekend, WFOHW presented a session on food and how it has been portrayed in our archive on Sunday November 16 in the Vestry House Museum..

This collection of short extracts  from Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop’s archive of recorded interviews highlights the enormous changes that have taken place in how we produce, buy, cook and eat our food since the beginning of the 20th century. You will hear  memories of  working in food shops and on market stalls,  rearing rabbits and chickens in the garden, carrying  the family meal  in a pot  to be cooked in the baker’s oven, getting milk in a jug  from the milkman’s cart, finding a farthing in a sheet of toffee,  listening for the muffin man’s bell on Sunday and much more.    

“Food tasted different then, I don't know why but it did, and we used  to  have a big saucepan on the hob, used to have soup in there all the time,  everything used to go in there,  you had a bit left over and it used to go in there,  green stuff, egg,  eggshells,  bits of meat, and then you used to strain all the lot through a strainer and then put it back again, hot it up, used to be lovely”.  Mr Jones, born in 1904. 

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Sound clips

Joe Young - Low Hall Farm cabbages

Wood Street Purkiss

De Courcy_butchers_rabbits_Purkis

Sid Revell_extract_deliveries

Sid Revell_extract_stewpot

Macropoulos_extract_muffin man

Macropoulos_extract_milk delivery

Miss Judd_cheap food & bread pudding

Miss Judd_toffee

Miss Judd_Xmas dinner

Bill Belverstone_extract_pigs trotters

Sarah Smellie_potatoes not rice

Steve Davies_extract_imported fish

Steve Davies_extract_supermarket effect

Bob Clark- supermarkets

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