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Our work

We are usually working on several projects at once and current work includes:

St James Street
We looked at the St James’ Street end of the High Street in conjunction with Waltham Forest Council, as part of their scheme to improve the High Street.

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World War I
We have trawled the archive for some of our old interviews which looked, inter alia, at World War I and its effects mostly on life in the borough.

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Making toys in Walthamstow used to be big business.

Wells Brimtoy and Britains entertained generations of children and gave work to thousands of local people. 

But the work could be hard, dangerous and badly paid.

Interviews to be part of an exhibition at Vestry House Museum in November 2013.

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Hawker Siddeley factory, Walthamstow

The Workshop has been working with Vestry House Museum and photographer Paul Tucker to produce an exhibition looking at the former Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers / Fuller Electric site in Fulbourne Road, Walthamstow. There was a fascinating exhibition at the museum incorporating archive and contemporary photographs, as well as extracts from nine of the workshop's interviews.

The Workshop presented a paper on Hawker Siddeley at the 2013 UK Oral History Society annual conference.

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Walthamstow Stadium Dog Track

'The Stow' - Walthamstow's iconic greyground racing stadium - closed in summer 2008, amidst genuine sadness tinged with recriminations. Now the dust has settled, we are planning a longer-term project looking at all aspects of the stadium life - working there, going there, betting, socialising and the dogs. If you have a story to tell, get in touch with us.
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1948 Olympics

The 2012 Olympics were held just a stone's throw from Waltham Forest, so we had a personal interest in them. We’ve been doing some interviews of people who attended - or even took part in - those first post-war Olympics staged in a very different age.
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A long-term project looking at the history of alcohol and pubs in Waltham Forest - someone had to do it!
Published as work in progress for free download - latest version 
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Jewish History
The pattern of movement from inner London to the outer suburbs.
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